About Prudence Leverence

I love South Florida!

There is a magnetic community feel to it that grabs you the moment you spend some time here…
The beaches, the people, the schools, the hospitals, the golf courses and the fishing, diving, snorkeling …

What else can I say!

As a Palm Beach Real Estate Specialist I not only live in this great community, I also work here. Palm Beach is a place where you can find great Real Estate deals and Yes! … Definitely your dream home!

I can help you do that! Here are some areas I specialize in:

  • Distressed Properties – Specializing in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Broward Communities
  • Palm Beach and Boca Raton Real Estate Relocation Consultant
  • Real Estate Abroad! International Real Estate Investments
  • Real Estate Investment Portfolio management and risk assessment
  • Palm Beach Real Estate – Property Management Specialist
  • North Broward Real Estate Agent

Stay tuned to upcoming reports and tips and tricks regarding Real Estate

Reach out if you have any comments, questions about this great community … It’s never been easier 🙂

Oh! by the way in case you wanted to know, here’s a summarized version of my resume as found in other places on Web!


BOCA REALTOR PRUDENCE LEVERENCE …has over a decade of sales, marketing and property management experience in the real estate industry.

Beginning her career as a Sales Associate with REMAX, Prudence learned the real estate business from the ground up, working with clients in the sales and renting of residential properties in the South Florida marketplace.

Mrs. Leverence was then recruited to work for a Real Estate Development firm based in Miami, Florida, which was undergoing a major expansion throughout the state. Due in large part to her excellent client service and strong analytical skills, Prudence was tasked with the Sales & Marketing efforts on many of the firm’s developments. Mrs. Leverence and her team were responsible for increasing sales during that time and implemented many of the marketing campaigns that contributed to that growth.

On the Property Management front, Boca Realtor Prudence Leverence worked diligently and efficiently with HOA’s and condominium boards to achieve their desired results in respect to improvements, capital expenditures and maintaining vendor relationships, all the while keeping within budget.

Mrs. Leverence then joined The Continental Group as a Property Manager/Association Manager. Her responsibilities included overseeing all property management functions across 32 multi-family residential association communities. This included accountability for planning, operations, human resources, budgets, board meetings, vendor contracts, facility maintenance, and improvement projects.

Clients investing in properties faced with high vacancies, aged finishes, appearance, and deferred maintenance have relied on Mrs. Leverence’s experience to bring their properties up to industry standard and back into competitiveness in the market. Prudence takes pride in what she does, which is reflected in her energy and positive “can-do” attitude.

Prudence is married and is the devoted mom of a beautiful daughter and two stepsons. She enjoys surfing, running, boating and is involved in many civic oriented efforts throughout the communities she serves.

… And that’s how someone would officially describe my Resume!