The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in Home Staging

The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in Home Staging.

More Money for Your Home, Use an Experienced Realtor!


An Experienced Realtor Could Mean $25,000 More for Your Home!


For real estate agents, experience brings a number of advantages. With experience, agents gain deep market knowledge, stronger negotiating skills, a wider professional network and more. According to a recent study in the Journal of Housing Research, these tools could mean the difference of $25,000 for your home!

In the study, homes listed by experienced real estate agents sold for $25,000 dollars more, on average, than those listed by rookie agents. Experienced agents were also more likely to sell the home and to sell it faster.

For homeowners who are struggling with their mortgages and looking for answers, finding a trained and experienced agent is even more important. It takes an experienced agent to help homeowners understand their options and help them find the best path through their unique situations.

I have a report entitled “The $25,000 Home Selling Bonus” that explains how working with an experienced and trained agent can benefit you. I think you’ll be surprised by the difference experience makes. If you or someone you know can use my help, please read the report, and then contact me for a free, confidential consultation.


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Don’t Let Time Run Out! The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act


Relief for distressed homeowners may be coming to an end…… Act now!


The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act was passed by Congress in 2007 in an attempt to provide some relief for the millions of homeowners who found themselves owing more on their mortgage than the property was worth as a result of the collapse of the housing and finance industries. This report was created to give homeowners the most accurate information about the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, which has helped many distressed homeowners find options that were previously unavailable.

The act, which was always intended to be a temporary solution, is now set to expire at the end of 2013.  Time is running out. But there is still time to change your financial direction and avoid foreclosure.  Some of the solutions available to homeowners can take months to complete. For homeowners to take advantage of the act before the end of the year, they have to start today.  The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act has provided opportunity for millions of distressed homeowners in the marketplace to take advantage of short sales or loan modifications without worrying how these actions will affect their future finances. The law is set to expire and time is running short for homeowners with unaffordable mortgage to take advantage of its benefits.  This report will teach you what the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act is and how it can help save you money.

Time is running out since the act expires at the end of 2013. However, there is still a chance to change your financial direction and avoid foreclosure.

Download this FREE report  titled “Don’t Let Your Short Sale Leave You Taxed” which is accessible here on my website from the main page in “Are You Underwater?”

Let me know what I can help you with, Don’t let your time run out!



New Mortgage Rules in 2013 Make Financing more Cumbersome

New QM rulesWhat do the new QM (Qualified Mortgage) rules in 2013 mean to the average home buyer and their Realtors?

As a buyer or a seller the new rules affect both regardless. Becoming familiar with them will give you an edge to face the financing process in better shape.

Here’s a brief excerpt and a link to an article I think you’ll find interesting!

Here’s a quick overview of a few issues of concern. Start with the potential impacts on underwriting during 2013, well before they officially take effect next January.

Will lenders finally begin loosening up a little? After all, since 2010 they’ve been telling us that one of the key reasons for their ultra-strict underwriting is the “regulatory uncertainty” flowing out of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation — the risk that federal agencies will impose new mortgage rules that open banks up to costly lawsuits by defaulting consumers.

I suspected the new mortgage rules for 2013 for home buyers would not ease up, but this piece actually confirmed it. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be easier to finance a home this year.

How can you make the financing of your new home an easier process in spite of new rules and regs?

  • Stay out of debt – Keep your credit scores above 650
  • Save at least 10-20% of your down payment
  • Have multiple purchase options
  • Understand the numbers and the market you are planning to purchase your home in


Hope this helps 🙂